The Alba Group owns four plants for a total of over 12.000 square meters located in the industrial district of Ponte a Cappiano, divided between the two group enterprises, Alba (also including the former Delhi tannery) and Pegaso. Three plants are actual factories while the fourth, less extended, is a warehouse.

The group has recently acquired the plants of the Ukrainian Skirianik tannery (over 10.000 square meters) for transforming raw leathers into wet-blue ones.

Group’s History

The Alba tannery , the group leader enterprise, was founded by Alvaro Banti in 1947, in the immediate Second World War aftermath, when an hardly stroked country was starting to reconstruct itself and grow again. After the founder departure in 1980 the factory, lead by the sons, has constantly incremented its business, evolving from a little artisan enterprise into one of the bigger Tuscan tanneries.

To expand the range of its products and provide the clients with all the requested articles, the management created two new enterprises, that’s how The Alba Group was born.

  • In 1989 the Delhi factory was built, specialized in the split crafting.
  • In 1995 the Pegaso tannery was built. Initially specialized in crafting leathers for free time shoes, the enterprise progressively moved towards the production of brushed bovine leathers, particularly suited for economic shoes.
  • In 2002 and 2003 all the factories of the group where profoundly renewed and utterly enlarged, the Pegaso was relocated in a new plant.

Finally, to face the new challenges of supplying and the quality of imported wet-blue leather, in 2006 the group acquires the Ukrainian tannery Skirianik, specialized in the production of partially tanned leathers.

The current strategy of the Alba Group is to utterly expand and internationalize its selling and distribution network, to satisfy clients all over the world.

The Products

The Alba Group is specialized in the tanning of calf side and calf suede.  Our refining is particularly suited for the production of women and man shoes.

Our collection includes over 50 articles and it is constantly renewed with  every new season. We are specialized on natural, aniline refined, articles and the best sellers  are developed on more than 30 colors.

The tannery also produces water proof articles suitable for shoes employing GORE-TEX® technology.


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