"Imagination is more important
than knowledge"
Albert Einstein

This is the reign of creativity. Embossment of every kind and effect. Leathers that seem other than themselves, weaving, fabrics, possibly with worn, washed, wrinkled effects. Metal foils, gilding and pearled effects, shining and opaque metallic look, oxidized affected by time. Geometrical effects, either abstract or hybridised with the natural, animal or fantastic world.  Trees cortex, metallic scales from imaginary reptiles, suggestions from the outer space, comet, stars, gas giant planets.

Embossed Reptiles

Steal Nature’s ideas,
protect the rest.

The growing sensibility towards sustainable shopping, have recently spotted some criticalities about the usage of reptiles’ leathers as fashion material. Indeed, unlike calf leather, reptiles are almost exclusively bred to tan their leathers. Such controversies have dignified reptile embossment on calf leathers as sustainable (by) product.

The Alba Group reacted to the new trends launching a wide collection centred on reptile embossments, relying on her peculiar capacity to join rich and imaginative collections, natural and customizable articles, together with a massive productive capacity, product stability, and fast product delivery.

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